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December 2018


    Powerful Prints

    Animal Print Awe


    Can we ever truly get bored of print? I doubt it!

    My LOVE for leopard print goes way-way back to my primary school days when I was forced to be ‘Scary Spice’ back in school. It took me a while to warm to Mel B (Posh was my first fave) though my love for leopard print has forever blossomed and I’ve not looked back since.


    “…I really really really wanna zig-a-zig ahh…”


    This year the print I can’t seem to get enough of is Snake Skin, I’m OBSESSED  theres something so classy and sassy about this print and I’m here for it. I‘m not yet brave enough to get too daring with the colourful prints so you’ll be seeing me in as much of the neutral tones I can get my hands on.  

    The great thing about prints, especially with leopard is that it’s a trend that repeats itself without fail EVERY year.

    The trick is to invest in statement piecesI’ve had this River Island skirt for YEARS


    Prints are great when you’ve nailed how to pull them off .

    I strongly stand by the unwritten ‘25% rule’, girls you only need one item of the same print. If you’re rocking a leopard print skirt leave the bag or scarf at home! 

    This is something I have to constantly remind myself because if like me, you love print as much as I do it’s so easy to get a little too carried away.

    We’re really not out here trying to look like Kat Slater in her heyday so let’s not over do it.



    Nay’s Golden Rules

    25% only ladiesYou’d be surprised the difference just an animal print belt could make to the dullest of outfits

    Mix your printsThe neutral tones allow you to seemlessly clash your snakeskin with your cheetah spots

    Natural is always best – Try to stay as close to the natural print as possible the more you stray the tackier I think it looks personally. Leopards aren’t neon yellow #JustSaying

    Choose the shoesWhen ever in doubt always choose the shoes, it’s an easy foot in 😉


    So here are some prints I’ve got my eyes on…and some i’ve already got my hands on (Leopard sling backs and Snakeskin bodysuit). Yet another trend where i’m screaming #RIPMyBankBalance as i still don’t think I’m done yet….


    Nay’s Top 5

    H&M: Leopard Faux Coat


    Topshop: Snakeskin Boots


    Stradivarius: Leopard Sling Back


    Zara: Snake Crossover Bodysuit


    River Island: Zebra Mix Skirt

    Hope you enjoyed the post :)
    Nay xxx