LBB: The Little Black Boilersuit

I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour

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Can you ever truly go wrong with black? Black, a colour that flatters all shapes and sizes, skimming the bumps and curves we try our best to avoid accentuating at all costs. This season rather than opting for a plain/ bog-standard black jumpsuit I’ve been experimenting with boilersuits.

I will address upfront two slight issues I’ve faced. My first frequent hurdle being LENGTH – I’m not called pint-sized for nothing! If I had to limit myself to buying just petite clothing life would be bleak, albeit the money spent on clothing would drop drastically. The chances of that happening however are zero to nought, so for that very reason I’ve had to become well accustomed with turn-ups #TurnUpsAreLife haha.

Yes, I could fork out and get the majority of my clothes tailored, though who am I kidding? I haven’t got the time nor the money for that. You’ll be surprised to learn that I’ve mastered making a standard 32″ leg work to my 5ft frame, a skill probably worth adding to my CV.

Second, though it’s hardly a hurdle i’ll admit, is that I really struggle styling belted outfits, you know those outfits that come with a belt attached. In attempt to look cool (yes I said it) I find myself trying hard to avoid the boring bow tied front. I want my boilersuit to look as flattering as possible, nicely nipping me in at the waist. That bow tied front just doesn’t quite cut it. Oh and did i also mention that I also want it to still look cool 🙂

…and that’s how I experimented with my belt below…

What’s great about both boiler and jumpsuits is that they’re usually great for COMFORT + CONVENIENCE! They save you the faff (which isn’t something I usually complain about) of putting together a whole outfit in the morning, especially those mornings when you just really haven’t got the time. Most Some mornings I really could do with that extra 20 minutes in bed zzz

Whilst such a simple yet staple item, a boilersuit can be both dressed down and glam’d up all with a swap of shoes and some sassy accessories.

What drew me to this New Look one was the contrast stitching and the white buttons, details that I felt made all the difference. Plain black can be a little dull at times so the white extra details really did it for me!

I was lucky enough to cop my boilersuit in the New Look sale after I’d seen it featured in my weekly Grazia mag. At £34.99 I was not complaining, so I was even more chuffed to find that it had been reduced even cheaper to £19.99. It’s safe to say I wasted NO time securing my purchase online. #STEAL

I always feel quite smug when I buy a sale item and similar items are still being flogged throughout the high-street at full price. Not only was I lucky enough to blag a bargain but a bargain item that is still very much in trend. #Winning

Unfortch, my Newlook boiler has completely sold out though I have managed to find THREE pretty similar boilersuits all at fairly decent prices.

So go ahead girls and choose your pick...


NASTY GAL: A Total Stitch Fest Denim Boilersuit – £30 £60


TOPSHOP: Square Neck Denim Jumpsuit £45


2NDDAY: Agnes jumpsuit with contrast stitching £90 £180

I’ve also added some shoe options that I’d wear with all three boilersuits. White stitching on the boilersuit means that white shoes are an obvious choice (or at least i thought so). Though fail safe black shoes are also a great alternative, as you can see I went for a vinyl boot with mine (I’m absolutely obsessed with these Bershka boots) I do also own a pair of white boots similar to below so I like to alternate between the two. Crisp white trainers will also work just as well if you’re going for a more ‘Caj’ look.

Jeffrey Campbell: Poker Mid-heel Western Chelsea Boot

Topshop: GLORY Set Back Heels

Stradivarius: Black Platform Trainers

I hope you enjoyed the post 🙂 xxx

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