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You’ve probably seen, or heard about The Ordinary brand. After stumbling across a few Instagram adverts, and reading magazine features I was curious to find out what all the hype was about. So I did my research (a few web searches) and consulting my beauty fiend friends, I got the reassuring nods needed and decided to give The Ordinary a little go.

The Ordinary (though far from), is part of the DECIEM brands, and is a ‘no frills’ clinical skin care beauty brand. They offer all the good, essential ingredients, and treatments you’ll find premium brands offering just without the fancy packaging, misleading ingredients list, and at a fraction of the price too. The brand is built on honesty and integrity, and exists to communicate fairly with consumers. Also, to bring to market effective, and more familiar technologies at honourable prices.



I have never been the biggest skin-care enthusiast, I don’t have a special ‘beauty shelf’ just a small cosmetic bag which contains the bare essentials; facewash, toner and moisturiser oh and my trusty St Ives face scrub of course. Recently however, I’ve been convinced that I should probably start investing a lot more into my non-existent skincare regime.

With my new-found knowledge, and a list of acids I can just about pronounce, I had set myself the task of searching the world wide web in pursuit of combatting this oily skin I’d been cursed blessed with. I may have got a little carried away adding loads into my shopping basket. Yes, the prices were more than decent and the damage was always going to be minimal, but I had to remind myself that experimenting on my face probably isn’t the smartest of things to do lol.


Price for me will always be a major factor, and it’s not because I’m a tight ass, I promise lol! So, I won’t hide the fact that the affordable prices most definitely caught my eye with this brand. I was potentially a few pounds away from achieving that ‘Flawless skin’ #Yass

Anyway, as an unashamed rookie in the wonderful world of skin care, I wanted to share my new knowledge, experience and purchases for those of you also looking to also achieve flawless skin but haven’t a clue where to start…iGotchya!

If your skin is anything like mine; Oily, suffer from the odd breakout, and you’re trying hard to get rid of scars/marks/blemishes your old spots gifted you with please read on.

These are products I’ve found to be really effective at not only taming the shine, but with tackling breakouts, fading blemishes, and giving me a much smoother skin texture.


What I Bought?

Salicylic Acid -£4.20

Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution – £6.80

Niacinimide: £5.00

Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squaline £7.70

High Fluidity Lightweight Primer: £5.50


Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid works its magic at removing the outer layer of skin. It’s great for zapping spots, and treating mild acne. If your prone to blemishes, and your skin is looking dull and lacking lustre this could be the acid for you. I’ve found this to work really well when applied directly on spots, as and when they appear. I’ve found they usually disappear within 2-3 days.

Glycolic Acid Toner

This blessing in a bottle is brilliant if you’ve got blemishes, and when your skin is experiencing a bit of a dull spell. Glycolic acid toner is a rapid exfoliant that sloughs away dead dry skin cells eventually leaving you with an even-toned radiant, and glowing appearance. After a few weeks of using this religiously every evening I’ve noticed that my face looks and feels much firmer. My skin is so much softer and I’ve now got a new ‘natural glow’ guys


Niacinimide, a high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula, another skincare and beauty must have. There’s an endless list of benefits so brace yourself. This is great for calming breakouts, making spots less noticeable, and rebalancing oil levels. It’s also a collagen production booster, so it helps improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and dullness. As I’ve been using this along with the other products, I can’t really say I’ve noticed the effects of this on its own, though I’ve definitely noticed a massive difference in my skins appearance.

Granactive Retinoid

Retinoic acids work by communicating with your cells, basically telling them to renew themselves regularly. The quick speed cell turnover not only helps fade dark spots, and fight pigmentation, but also helps smoothing the texture of your skin. Retinoids can also provide your skin with a healthy collagen boost minimising fine lines, and wrinkles (luckily not something I have to worry much about). They come in various strengths and can be quite strong so I chose 2%, as I plan on easing my way in. I use this after exfoliating which I do twice a week, though it does take a while before your start seeing noticeable differences to your skin.

High Fluidity Lightweight Primer

This is a really nice lightweight non-oily primer, that helps you achieve that neutral dewy look. As I’ve said my beauty & make-up knowledge is very minimal though I will say that primer definitely helped my make-up look so much more radiant. If you’re anything like me, and are not a huge fan of the matte look, but you also don’t want to look like you’ve just ran up 4 flights of stairs I’d definitely recommend giving this a try. I mean let’s face it the oily look has not and will never become a ‘thing’

Hopefully you’ve found this helpful, I’ll repeat I’m no expert in this field neither have I been paid to write this. I just wanted to share an affordable skincare brand, and my experience which will hopefully help a few of you!

Hope you enjoyed the read!

Love Nay 🙂 xxx

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